Fibromyalgia, Ethylene Glycol and Oxalate Poisoning…

Why is it that more and more women these days, particularly middle aged housewives, are being diagnosed with fibromyalgia? What's going on?

Over 90% of Fibromyalgia sufferers are women and the majority of them are aged between 30 and 60. Fibromyalgia was first diagnosed as recently as 1987 and doctors are still baffled as to what causes it. This would be around the time that the first generation of people exposed to these hazardous substances in household cleaning products were beginning to reach middle age. Well, I think I may have discovered the main contributing factor: Ethylene Glycol, the toxic form of anti-freeze.

Here's a list of SOME of the household cleaning products that contain Ethylene Glycol…

All purpose cleaners


Anti Bacterials

Oven cleaners

Toilet cleaners

Drain clog removers

Bug sprays

Kitchen cleaners

In fact, it would seem that the majority of household cleaning products contain Ethylene Glycol (also labelled as Ethane 1,2 diol). Now, what's really interesting is that Ethylene Glycol poisoning causes a huge build up of oxalate crystals in the body. The severity of ethylene glycol toxicity is related to the metabolic acidosis resulting from the biotransformation of ethylene glycol into toxic metabolites. Glycolic acid causes severe acidosis and oxalate precipitates as calcium oxalate in the kidneys and other tissues.

And there does seem to be a correlation between fibromyalgia and CKD (chronic kidney disease). Oxalates in the body cause many unpleasant symptoms with fatigue and joint and muscular pain being two of the most common examples. Could it be that fibromyalgia is basically massive oxalate poisoning caused by anti freeze and possibly other extremely toxic substances found in household cleaning products? I think so, but that's up to you to decide…

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