Aspartame + Caffiene Kills Brain Cells…

Caffeine mixed with aspartame equates to more than just a “pick me up”. This concoction delivers a stellar “pick me up” followed by death of your brain cells.

Do you know that feeling that you get right when you take a sip of diet soda? That “ahhhh, so good” feeling? The scientific term for it is “excito-toxin”, which means that the combination of aspartame and caffeine overexcite your brain cells when consumed together. In other words, drinking diet soda containing caffeine and aspartame literally gets your brain cells to jump with joy before they explode and die.

The scientific explanation for it is that when you consume aspartame, the aspartic acid in it, forces your blood aspartame levels to rise. Via the normal circulation of blood flow to the brain, the aspartic acid causes a reaction in your brain.

The cells in your brain get pretty excited by this, hence the term “excito-toxin”, and as a result, calcium and free radicals enter your brain as a result of your cells partying it up. Free radicals speed up the oxidation process for your brain cells, which is a fancy word for. Eventually, these free radicals and calcium are what kill your over-partied cells.

Consuming aspartame in conjunction with caffeine only compounds and worsens the effects that aspartame has on the brain, due to caffeine’s psychoactive stimulant properties.

So basically drinking diet soda that has both aspartame and caffeine in it is like inviting some of your brain cells to have a crazy party but die at the end because they partied too hard.


Watch: Aspartame + Caffeine kills brain cells:

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