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Celtic Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Before we focus on Celtic Sea Salt, let's examine exactly what is table salt and how it's made. Table salt is mined from the earth using heavy machinery and bulldozers. After extraction it is refined (stripped of its nutritional content), bleached (soaked in chlorine), and diluted with anti-caking agents. The "salt" then has chemicals and metals (aluminium being one), added to it before being processed. Have I put you off? I really hope so! Putting table salt on your food will destroy your health.

Celtic sea salt, on the other hand, is arguably the most nutritious and mineral dense food on the planet. Completely natural and untouched by the "food industry", Nutrient Nirvana's Celtic Sea Salt is collected by hand using wooden tools to protect the live enzymes and is a superfood abundant in trace minerals including the king of all minerals : magnesium. Many other sea salts have the magnesium removed during the drying process, but not our Celtic Sea Salt!

Our salt is delicious, regulates blood pressure (the opposite of table "salt"), renews energy levels and alkalises the body. We at NN consider Celtic Sea Salt to be the most nutritious food available and highly recommend that you ditch your toxic table salt and replace it with our Celtic Sea Salt!

Here are some of the countless benefits that you get from Celtic Sea Salt :

*Provides potent minerals directly to the cells.

*Contains between 80-90 live elements and minerals including magnesium, iodine, zinc, sulphur, silica and potassium.

*Promotes resistance to infections and bacterial diseases.

*Can restore good digestion.

*Can aid in relieving allergies and skin conditions.

*Significantly reduces toxins in the body.

*Maintains and regulates blood pressure.

*Keeps indefinitely if properly stored.

*Tastes Delicious.

Add to all types of food and use in cooking. Add a pinch to every glass of water or juice you drink to add minerals and soften the water increasing hydration. Add to your bath to soften the water. Anything that comes into contact with your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream and so adding Celtic Sea Salt to your bath is very beneficial.

As always, thanks for reading. Celtic Sea Salt is nutritious, delicious and extremely affordable!

Here's to your health!


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