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How Vitamin D can prevent and help Rheumatoid Arthritis

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

As we head into winter here in the UK, we at NN strongly advocate supplementation of the sunshine vitamin : vitamin D. But for any of you reading this who might be suffering with an autoimmune disorder like RA (rheumatoid arthritis), it becomes even more important that you start taking meaningful doses of vitamin D.

We already know that vitamin D can improve mood, eases chronic pain and is amazing for heart health and, of course, a strong and healthy immune system, but many rheumatologists are now endorsing supplementing with vitamin D to help prevent and improve the symptoms of RA.

There is still a lot of speculation as to whether or not low levels of vitamin D contributes directly to the onset of RA, but what is well established is that vitamin D plays a massive role in a fully functioning immune system. It simply cannot perform its role effectively without enough vitamin D and all our levels drop rapidly throughout the winter without supplementation. By boosting your vitamin D levels you can significantly reduce the severity of attacks.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that sufferers of RA supplement with vitamin D.

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