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Inclined bed therapy : Incline to avoid decline!

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

So what exactly is inclined bed therapy, the new way of sleeping that is rocking the health world? Simply, it is raising the head of your bed by 15cm/6 inches so that your bed is on an incline. It's worth noting that IBT (inclined bed therapy) dates back to at least five thousand years. Every ancient Egyptian tomb that has been discovered has the bed that the mummy rests on on an incline.

Have you ever wondered how a tree and plants circulate sap? In trees, evaporation from the leaves alters the density of sap making the sap denser at the top of the tree. Gravity will act upon density changes causing it to be pulled down and this in turn causes water to be pulled into the tree and the diluted sap to rise. In the body, the warm lungs and airways provide the same density changes in the blood and other fluids. Therefore, our posture when sleeping is incredibly important! Our circulation is influenced by gravity acting upon density changes in blood caused by evaporation from the lungs, skin, respiratory tract and eyes. Animals will always sleep on an incline given the opportunity.

Here is a list of SOME complaints that have been improved with inclined sleeping :

Sleep disturbances, snoring, sleep apnea, sinus problems. Night urination.

Back, neck and muscular problems.

Swollen feet and legs. Varicose veins. Leg paralysis.

Headaches and migraines. Lung disorders.

Arthritic pain, spinal chord injury.

Congestive heart failure, chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.

Diabetes, Prostate and kidney stones, acid relux.

Emotional instability.

So I highly recommend that you do what I did many years ago, grab a few old books and place them under the legs of your bed at the head end ensuring that you have raised it by 15cm/6 inches! Please feel free to contact us at NN should you require any further information.

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