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One of Natures Oldest Remedies: C60

Carbon Based Lifeforms, Farting Cavemen, Japanese Scientists, and C60...

C60 is so called because it is made up of 60 atoms. These atoms are all connected to each other that form a geodesic dome, (a bit like a football), and it was quickly discovered that C60 has some remarkably unusual properties…

To explain these properties, we need to venture back into the deep mists of time and visit our ancient ancestors. A significant percentage of their diet came from foraging shoots, herbs and leaves. In other words, a diet high in fibre. The result of which would have been pretty unpleasant if the family or tribe were all gathered around the fire in a small cave. They would have discovered that chewing a small piece of charcoal from the fire eliminated flatulence. And everyone could breathe a sigh of relief as the wind factor dropped.

Fast forward to Victorian times and people discovered that feeding charcoal biscuits to dogs would make life a lot more bearable in their homes.

C60 is a very stable form of carbon unlike most other forms of carbon (diamond, graphite, soot etc). Our diet is underpinned by taking in carbon and we separate out the C60 for use in our bodies. C60 alkalizes our bodies which allows our immune systems to function more effectively. Beyond the age of 40, our body’s alkalinity decreases fairly rapidly and this results in all the modern diseases that we succumb to.

Consider this: the burnt remains of trees after a forest fire do not rot. They are not susceptible to bacteria, viruses, or fungus because they are sheathed in charcoal. Increasing our alkalinity naturally using C60 is life extending.

C60 helps to remove heavy metals from our systems. Heavy metal toxicity is a huge problem in the modern world. It leads to oxidative stress which is arguably the biggest cause of death in our world today. Sadly, cheap and effective remedies are hidden from us because there’s very little money in them.

Final Word: Activated C60 Charcoal is heated at a 1000*F and then acid washed before being sold. This makes it a “super absorbent” that will strip nutrients as well as toxins out of the body. Therefore, it’s a great tool to have in your medicine cabinet at home for emergency use, but I wouldn’t advocate using it long term whereas natural C60 can be used every day after a meal.

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