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Water Fluoridation Explained

We are told by the government and media that fluoride is added to our tap water to prevent tooth decay. Is that the truth?.... NO!!!

The naturally occurring form of fluoride is calcium fluoride, typically found in the soil. When the media reports on water fluoridation, they usually say that fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral leaving you with the impression that water fluoridation is safe when nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, it is sodium fluoride that is added to the water supply. And what is sodium fluoride? Sodium fluoride is a synthetic compound and a toxic waste product of the aluminium industry that is the main ingredient in rat poison! It can be found in many consumer products and pesticides as well as in the water supply. Despite the UN ruling that sodium fluoride is not allowed to be dumped into the oceans, they somehow allowed it to be used by corporations and the pharmaceutical industry in various products that end up in our bodies. It's important to note here that fluoride is accumulative and NOT excreted.

The purest form of sodium fluoride can eat through concrete. Let that sink in...

It severely affects the thyroid, the kidneys, the brain (calcification of the pineal gland or house of the soul), lowers the IQ and can cause arthritis and cancer.

It is well documented that the German government were the first to add sodium fluoride to the drinking water in the concentration camps during WW2 with the desired effect of making the prisoners docile and apathetic. All antidepressant drugs are fluoride based. This renders the consumer apathetic towards their own depression.

The official explanation for adding sodium fluoride to the water supply is that it fights tooth decay. In the USA, over 70% of the water supply is fluoridated. In western Europe, we're told it's 3% and yet over the last thirty years tooth decay has declined in both areas at roughly the same rate. All the evidence points to us being lied to.

How do we safeguard ourselves from being harmed by water fluoridation? Here are some tips :

Buy a water distiller.

Add Nutrient Nirvana's Fulvic Minerals to remineralise the distilled water.

Add Borax (food grade) to bath water. Boron, the main component of Borax, neutralises fluoride.

Find out where your local spring is.

One of the most important health tips we can offer you is most definitely : Avoid Sodium Fluoride!

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