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Lugol's Iodine 30mls

Lugol's Iodine 30mls


We are currently experiencing an iodine deficiency in many parts of the world at the moment. Symptoms of an iodine deficiency include fatigue and weakness, unexpected weight gain, feeling colder than usual, forgetfulness and dry, flaky skin. Iodine helps proper thyroid function and protects you from radiation. 

Iodine may help boost energy levels. It is an essential mineral for human health that's needed by every cell in your body and is vital for thyroid support. A healthy thyroid is necessary for fighting fatigue and restful sleep. 

Iodine may help you overcome a sluggish metabolism. Nutrient Nirvana's iodine is formulated to deliver the strongest solution of iodine into your system to balance hormones which may help you lose weight and feel better. 

People who are deficient in iodine may experience "mental fog". Many of our friends who have tried our iodine have reported back that they have experienced improved mental clarity and focus. 


*Improves cognitive abilities

*Detoxes fluoride

*Improves metabolism

*Essential for thyroid health

*Balances hormones

*Improves hair growth

*Increases energy levels

*Provides protection from radiation.

*Protects from pathogens

*Protects from cancer


Signs of an iodine deficiency

*Swelling in the neck

*Unexpected weight gain

*Fatigue and weakness

*Hair loss

*Dry and flaky skin

*Feeling colder than usual

*Changes in heart rate

*Trouble learning and remembering

*Heavy or irregular periods

*Problems during pregnancy : Pregnant women are more susceptible to an iodine deficiency. An iodine deficiency in infants may stunt physical growth and brain development. Furthermore, a severe iodine deficiency may increase the risk of stillbirth


Suggested use: two to three drops in a glass of clean water is the equivalent of what Japanese people consume daily in their diets. Try taking three drops in filtered or distilled water last thing at night. This sterilises the upper gut and prevents fermentation. 


Disclaimer: Do not exceed the stated dose. Not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health professional if taking medication or have an existing medical condition. Food supplement: should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions to our products.

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