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NN Menopause Package

NN Menopause Package


Introducing our new health package…

The Menopause Support Package Menopause can cause hormonal changes and other factors that lead to hot flashes, mood changes, difficulty sleeping and other symptoms. We have put together a package to help ladies manage these symptoms naturally rather than risk the very real dangers of artificial hormone therapy.

What’s in our package?

Lugols iodine 30 ml

Selenium 60 tabs

Advanced Blend of Magnesium 60 capsules

Maca root 100grams

Ashwaganda 100grams


Lugols iodine

Did you know that there’s no direct translation of the word menopause in Japan? This is because the Japanese eat a diet rich in iodine, an essential mineral for the production and balance of hormones in the body.



Possibly the most essential trace mineral for human health, selenium helps energy, mood, reduces hot flushes and allows the thyroid to do its job of regulating our temperature, weight, and energy levels.



Magnesium plays a vital role in health throughout all life stages. During menopause, it’s important for keeping bones strong and preventing osteoporosis, or weakening bones. Magnesium can also reduce unwanted side effects of the menopause, such as difficulty sleeping and depression while supporting heart and brain health.


Maca root

An excellent alternative to HRT, our organic Maca root powder tastes delicious in a smoothie and is bursting at the seams with nutrients, many of which can help with balancing hormones and reducing unwanted menopausal symptoms.



A 2021 study in women experiencing peri menopause found that, compared to a placebo, taking Ashwaganda root extract significantly enhanced the quality of life associated with menopause and reduced physical, psychological and urogenital symptoms. 


Suggested Use

Lugols Iodine: With distilled or filtered water. Two drops of iodine is the equivalent of what the Japanese consume daily in their diet, but if you're deficient you may need more.


Selenium: One tablet is 200mcg and your RDA (recommended daily allowance).


Magnesium: 4-12 capsules in divided doses depending on your individual requirements.


Maca root: one heaped teaspoon in your smoothie or black coffee in the mornings. Maca provides energy so do not take in the second half of the day. 


Ashwaganda: 2-4 capsules depending on your requirements. Can be taken at any time of the day, but we recommend taking in the evening to benefit relaxation and sleep.


Disclaimer: Do not exceed the stated dose. Not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your health professional if taking medication or have an existing medical condition. Food supplement: should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. We are not responsible for any adverse reactions to our products.

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