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Organic Celtic sea salt

Organic Celtic sea salt


One of our favourite products at Nutrient Nirvana, Celtic sea salt tastes delicious, regulates blood pressure unlike common table salt, renews energy levels and alkalises the body. It contains over seventy trace minerals including Magnesium, Iodine, Potassium, Sulphur, Zinc and Silica.

Nutrient Nirvana's Celtic sea salt is hand-harvested on the Atlantic coast of France in a nationally preserved area where the salt is lowest in Sodium and the highest in precious beneficial elements.

A useful tip would be to add a pinch of salt to every glass of water you drink. This improves hydration and adds all those trace minerals to the water. Excellent on foods, in exfoliants, in bath water or you can do what we do and just nibble on it throughout the day!

Celtic sea salt is a supreme food supplement.

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