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Osmio Vitafresh Handheld Vitamin C Shower Filter

Osmio Vitafresh Handheld Vitamin C Shower Filter


With our shower filters, your skin can feel more moisturised, soft, your hair less dry and your hair colouring can last much longer. Feel the benefits of a chlorine-free shower with reduced limescale build up.

Shower Filters are perfect for those looking for better skin and hair by removing chlorine and chemical disinfectants from the water you wash in. They can make a great gift item and travel accessory as well as a superb addition to the home shower units. Some of our customers with more sensitive skin have said their skin felt soothed and free from the dry and itchy feeling they felt before.

Our range of Shower Filters use highly effective media and filtration to reduce chlorine in high temperature shower water. They produce non-scaling, mineral enriched, anti-oxidant, alkaline water for health and well-being. 

Fitting is ever-so simple and as easy as screwing on a light bulb! You can even take them on holiday with you, so you can have a shower free from bacteria and other contaminants. 

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